Shurtape FloorMate Floor Tape
Shurtape FloorMate Floor Tape

Shurtape FloorMate Floor Tape

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Many facilities are switching to water-based protective finishes (rather than the traditional oil-based finishes) on their wood gymnasium floors. Though less expensive water based finishes are more sensitive to damage from the removal of floor tape. Therefore, vinyl tape products should never be used on wood floors (they are fine for use on Sport Court type floors). Only the new FloorMate™ Court Tape or paper tape products with quick release adhesive (such as Safe Off™ Floor Tape) should be used for temporary floor marking on wood floors. FloorMate™ is the first floor tape formulated specifically for wood gym floors that are finished with water based protective finishes. As always tape should be removed as soon as possible after an event; tape should not be left on the floor for an extended period of time.

Each roll is 2” x 60 yards and will line one court. 

  • Durable Polyethylene (PE-Plastic) Tape
  • Easy release, residue-free removal
  • High scuff resistance
  • Specifically formulated adhesive for surfaces coated with new water based VOC level finishes
  • Manufactured by Shurtape USA

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